Synthetic Clips 7 Pieces – Dark Black


Premium quality industrial extension

Weight: 200 grams or 240 grams  ,  length: 20 inches or 26 inches

Number of pieces: 7



How to use: 

Divide your hair, put it in the middle, and comb your hair so that it harmonizes. Wash off with a mild shampoo in cool water.

Advantages :

Made of the finest fabric to give you a natural look.

Longest life synthetic extension manufactured to date.

Note : 

The product does not dye.

Heat tolerance: not more than  160C.

Gently comb it from bottom to top in a light way

It is not recommended for those with very short hair, and the alternative is the 7 pcs to blend in

Alert – Disclaimer

Exposing it to heat is not as easy as natural hair and it has a special technique. Please contact us to send the method.  If you want to expose it to heat easily,  we advise you to buy our 100% natural extension.

Shedding is normal at the first use and will disappear at the second use, taking into account the holding of the hair from the top while combing

Extension care method: Comb it lightly from top to bottom, hang it, the temperature does not exceed 160 degrees and avo


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Synthetic Clips 7 Pieces – Dark Black